View my 3 best warm up stretches to go from work to workout!

· Do you have an injury or pain that is impairing your ability to enjoy your sport or workout?

· Are you passionate about your physical activities, and don’t want to give them up, even for a short time?

· Would you like to maximize your athletic performance through better range of motion?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then keep reading!


Cohle Performance Chiropractic of Harrisburg, PA is not your typical chiropractor. We specialize in working with athletic men, women and young adults who want to recover quickly from their injuries, do not want to stop being physically active while they heal, and seek to avoid future injuries.

Cohle Performance Chiropractic uses cutting edge modalities to keep you competitive and feeling great. If you have pain or acute injury in your neck, back, shoulder, knees or anywhere else, call today to see if Cohle Performance Chiropractic is the right fit for you…

Dr Chad Cohle, premier PA Chiropractor, specialising in sports injury & rehab, helping you stay pain-free and at peak performance. Recover quickly & avoid future injuries..