About Chiropractor, Dr Chad Cohle, D.C.

Dr. Chad Cohle understands from firsthand experience the frustration of injuries and the common nagging pains that athletes experience year after year. A central Pennsylvania native, Dr. Cohle loved athletics from a young age, playing high school and then college sports (volleyball, football, basketball). When he started experiencing sharp pains between his shoulder blades that severely limited his basketball training, he received treatment from a chiropractor and found significant relief.

During his treatment for this injury, Dr. Cohle also found his calling. He knew he was passionate about helping athletes eliminate pain and improve performance. Chiropractic became his path to do this.

While attending Palmer College of Chiropractic, he continued to feed his passion for treating athletes by becoming a member and active participant in Sports Council, traveling to many sporting events around the area, treating athletes.

Dr. Cohle continually seeks out the best techniques for helping athletes get healthy.

His patients benefit from the following:


  • Neurokinetic Therapy that gets to the source of the problem by reprogramming dysfunctional movement patterns
  • P-DTR to optimize the brain-muscle connection and eliminate pain
  • Full-body certification in Active Release Technique that enables the patient to move more freely and without pain
  • Instrument assisted techniques to break up scar tissue and create better range of motion
  • Cutting edge Erchonia Cold Light Laser technology that helps to regenerate and heal damaged cells
  • Top of the line nutrition supplements and advice for better health

Dr. Cohle currently resides and treats patients in the Harrisburg, PA area. He continues to stay fit and honor his love of athletics by participating in gym workouts, Crossfit, and other recreational sports. When not treating patients, he also loves to watch college basketball (go Tarheels!), attend concerts, play golf, eat healthy and try new foods.