Harrisburg Chiropractor – Crossfit Games Open Workout 17.2

Dr. Cohle, your Harrisburg Chiropractor, did a video after Crossfit Games Open Workout 17.2 was released.  He gave a few tips and warmup exercises to consider prior to attempting the workout. The video is below along with the transcript!

“All right, hey guys, it’s Friday afternoon again. We’re here at Cohle Performance Chiropractic inside of the gym, and we’re going to go over 17.2 this week. Hopefully everybody’s calmed down and recovered from 17.1. 17.2 has a couple different movements throughout the different rounds. First we’ll start with the walking 50 foot lunge in the front rack with the dumbbells. There’s really no easy way around that one, there’s no quick way to do it. But we’ll talk about some different exercises you can do just to start to activate your core a little bit easier.

From there we move to get onto the bar and we’ll do toes to bar. Then if you can make it into the later rounds you’ll do some muscles up. After that, we’re going to do eight power cleans with dumbbells and then right back into the walking lunges. We did it earlier, there’s not a whole lot of cheats to it. But if you’ve been watching some of the blogs and some of the other videos, there are great ideas as to how to pace yourself and how to chop up some of those reps.

The first thing we’ll start with is just for your core stability, and we’ll kind of transition that into how you can get your shoulders to get warmed up as well. We’ll go down to the floor here and we’ll get into this 90-90 position (see picture below) and from here making sure you can a little bit of a posterior pelvic tilt so that we’re activating the core. The next position from here is going to help to develop the shoulders to warm them up a little bit. I just have a 7.5-pound plate here, you could take a dumbbell, something very lightweight, and you can do shoulder retractions and protractions in this position here, just lifting up and down and moving your shoulder blade.

90/90 supine breathing - harrisburg chiropractor crossfit

I think a big component of getting into those later rounds is certainly having some good shoulder extension. In the first two rounds, all we’re doing is shoulder flexion. In the front rack position your shoulders are flexed. When we get into the power cleans you’re starting low and bringing the shoulders up again into flexion. Then after you get through the toes to bar round, now we need to get into shoulder extension for the muscle ups.

The first is just pure shoulder extension. All you have to do is sit on the ground, palms flat, arms behind you, and walk your arms backwards. You’re going to feel a nice pull in the front of the shoulder. This shouldn’t be painful, but you should feel like it’s a good stretch. You can stay in a nice comfortable zone, breath,  and after a couple breaths you can stretch a little further. This position should look similar to a muscle up. For example, when you get up onto the bar and you have pivot/press up through that deep dip position.

harrisburg chiropractor crossfit - shoulder extension exercise

The last one that I think we’ll combine both the muscle ups and the toes to bars is to activate the shoulders again. Now in this position, what I would like to use is typically we use a squat rack, just get the bar and sit on the floor in basically an L sit position, and grasp the bar so that your feet are flat and you don’t have to use your core. To show you what we’re after is if you’re hanging, and your feet will be in a L sit position on the floor. All you’re going to do is grip, lock the shoulders in, and then move back and forth, so we’re just moving the shoulders back and forth. You can see how that transitions into the kipping part for the toes to bar. If you’re able to string together muscles ups, that’s a great warm-up for those.

Now as far as tips and tricks. A lot of people have talked about the power cleans. There’s only eight of them which I’m sure a lot of people can do unbroken; however I recommend breaking those up. Maybe break them up into 3’s and then do a last set of two. You want to make sure when you get to that 8th power clean, you’re ready to go right into the walking lunges. You don’t want to have to waste a rep of doing another power clean. You’re going to feel the shoulders burn with the walking lunges, but you want to make sure you keep moving. Don’t stop and definitely don’t drop them.

The last suggestion would be for the toes to bars and muscle ups. If you can get through the toes to bars unbroken I think that saves you a lot of time to get into those muscle ups. Once you’re into the later rounds and you begin to fatigue, remember “active shoulders”. Once you get into the dead hang without any activation in the shoulders, the grip is going to fatigue. I’d recommend breaking up the muscle ups into small groups. If you can string together a couple of them, three, four in a row, great. Obviously as you get into the later rounds it’s probably going to get back to singles or doubles, but it’s only 12 minutes, so go after it.

If you guys have any questions please feel free to comment. If you think you have any limitations or mobility in any of these movements we still got a couple days here until the scores are needed to be submitted, so give us a call, or check out our website and schedule online! All right, everybody have fun, have a great weekend!”