Harrisburg Chiropractor – Crossfit Games Open Workout 17.1

Are you preparing to hit Crossfit Games Open workout 17.1? Check here for Dr. Cohle’s tips and tricks to maximize your potential in this particular workout! The transcription of the video is below!

“It’s Friday afternoon. We’re over here at Cohle Performance Chiropractic in Harrisburg inside of the gym here, wanting to give you guys a couple pointers for everybody that’s doing Friday Night Lights tonight for CrossFit Open Workout 17.1. This workout involves the dumbbell snatches and the box over burpees. First thing I notice right away with that workout, we’re gonna see a lot of low backs getting pretty tight and tired quickly. You want to make sure when you’re doing the snatches that you’re getting some hip extension as opposed to too much lumbar extension (see picture below). What that means is, you don’t want to get too much of this arch in the low back here (See Video for a demo).
lumbar lordosis - Harrisburg chiropractor crossfit

The first exercise I would do prior to warming up for this work out is gonna be donkey kicks. Some of these exercises you can see on our website too, we have them in video format. But right here for Facebook live…put your foot right up against wall, bend the knee, and you’re just gonna kick straight back. So you’re gonna work on firing the glute and the hamstring together. It’s gonna get that area primed and ready to work, as opposed to having to use your low back for the snatches and for the burpees.

The next thing from there is we’re gonna want to get the shoulders warmed up so we want to get some shoulder mobility going. We’ll go down to the ground on all-fours for this next exercise. One of my favorites for shoulder mobility warm ups is just the quadruped position. You’ll be on your hands and your knees, shoulders down and you’re gonna drop into the position keeping your arms straight, and then press back up. Drop down, press back up. What that works on is starting to fire up that rotator cuff. It also helps you when you go into the snatch movement and have to press up through. It’s gonna get all of muscles warmed up and ready to go.

shoulder - Harrisburg chiropractor crossfit

The next thing we’re gonna look at is what you want to do for your legs, because the lower body is gonna get tired too. Make sure you’re not foam rolling or stretching too much in your warm up. What that tends to do is reset your nervous system so that those muscles go from being nice and warmed up to being cold again and back to their regular length. Do some dynamic warm ups like jumping, box jumps and squats.

The last I would want to look at as far as mobility goes is getting some thoracic extension. A lot of you have seen the dislocates with the PVC pipe, a very classic way to begin loosening the shoulders up. Then, if you go to the ground, just get a foam roller, lay it sideways, palms up and drop back onto the foam roller. Make sure you’re breathing, it shouldn’t be painful, and just lean back. That’ll help open up your thoracic spine.

thoracic spine mobility - Harrisburg chiropractor crossfit

The last thing I like to do before any workout, especially a high intensity workout, is crawling. It seems very basic, but crawling helps to reorganize your brain. It helps get your right and left sides of the body organized together and it develops better coordination. So crawling technique involves: head up, chest up, you’re gonna alternate right arm, left leg. Just crawling back and forth. You can go forward, you can go backwards. It doesn’t have to be far and it doesn’t have to be fast. It gets your brain ready to do some pretty complex movements.

Harrisburg chiropractor crossfit - back pain crawling

Good luck everybody, have fun, and if you have any questions, leave some questions in the comment section! Thanks and we will see you next week!”