NeuroKinetic Therapy

NeuroKinetic Therapy (N.K.T.)

NeuroKinetic Therapy® is a new technique used at Cohle Performance Chiropractic in Harrisburg, utilizing manual muscle testing to assess movement pattern dysfunctions within the motor command center of the brain. Our bodies develop movement patterns through practice. We learn to play violin, shoot a basketball and even learn to walk as babies through the motor control center in the brain. However, not all movement patterns are efficient and pain-free. Through traumatic injury, over/under use, repetitive motions or poor coordination, we can develop neuromuscular imbalances. These imbalances will often times transform faulty movement patterns into painful movement patterns. The motor control center stores these patterns in the brain as patterns are refined and also to replace movement patterns if we become injured.

When we lose function or activation of a muscle, this motor control center will find a substitute muscle to accomplish the desired movement. If this continues, dysfunction and subsequent pain will follow. Often times, we find one or two “substitute” muscles taking over for many inhibited muscles. We refer to these substitute muscles as being “facilitated” and are often painful when palpated. These “facilitated” muscles are similar to that classmate in school who raised their hand to answer every question the teacher asked while the other students (see: inhibited muscles) sat back in class and didn’t participate.

What types of injuries does this work for?

For example, our office sees many patients with shoulder pain. Instead of focusing solely on the shoulder, we use NKT® to uncover why the shoulder started to hurt. Often times, the shoulder musculature is facilitated and painful. This can be due to inhibition of muscles critical to full-body movement. The latissimus dorsi and the opposite side gluteus maximus are commonly inhibited. This can create front shoulder pain as the shoulder has to work harder as you walk. The treatment would involve releasing facilitated muscles in the shoulder and giving simple homework exercises to activate the gluteus maximus and latissimus dorsi. This retrains the brain on how to move properly and creates a permanent fix.

NKT® is the solution to “I get massages, stretch and/or adjusted and feel good for a while, but it just comes back”. The process of NKT® and subsequent treatment allows for faster and longer-lasting results than many other stand-alone techniques. It is the perfect addition to chiropractic adjustments and utilizes the Active Release Technique (A.R.T. ®) to sustain long lasting results.

Benefits of NKT® combined with A.R.T. ® and Chiropractic Include:

  • Faster and more accurate identification of the cause of the injury, not just chasing the pain
  • Results in creating new, non-painful movement patterns
  • Longer lasting results because of these new movement patterns
  • Simple and quick rehab exercises
  • Enhances athletic performance and increasing the ability to achieve stricter form and technique
  • Instantaneously improves muscle activation and coordination
  • Increases pain-free range of motion
  • Uses very light, gentle manual muscle testing and doesn’t require fancy equipment

We can utilize N.K.T. to work with shoulder pain, hip pain, foot/knee/hip pain, neck and back pain and many other injuries and complaints. This technique helps to get to the source of the pain. Often, the site of pain is rarely the source of the pain!

So if you are an athlete who has a nagging injury preventing you from competing at your highest level, or someone who just wants to be able to workout pain-free, N.K.T. is a great place to start! Dr. Cohle is the ONLY N.K.T. practitioner in Harrisburg!