Your Questions Answered

1.How long before I feel the difference from chiropractic care?
Chad: There are two ways chiropractic can help and a good chiro will lift
your concerns and ease your worries by telling you what’s going wrong,
often within 10-15 minutes. Shouldn’t take much longer.
Next, the speed at which the physical problem is eased is completely
dependent upon your age, how long you’ve had it, how severe it is etc etc
and the manual skills of the doctor. Rarely does anyone spend more than 2-3 weeks in our care before leaving happy. It often works that quick.

2. What actually is Chiropractic?
Chad: Chiropractic is a proven strategy for first easing the worries and
concerns of people suffering from aches, pain and stiffness, then helping
that person more freely again, bending further, stretching easier and living
an active and healthy lifestyle in their 30s, 40s and 50s and beyond.
More, it lets that person live free from the worry that the same problem
will come back to haunt them anytime soon.

3. Does Chiropractic help someone like me?
Chad: Here’s a list of types of people chiropractic care helps:
1. Young athletes – Who never want to miss a minute of their games
or take time off from their workouts.
2. Busy Women and Moms – Who want to look healthier, feel more
energized, be able to run after kids all day (even after going to
their favorite workout class at the gym)…WITHOT being bothered
by pain or stiffness.

3. Busy Men and Dads – Who know that their family NEEDS them
and living with pain isn’t good when they want to have the energy
for work AND play.
4. Adult Athletes and “Weekend Warriors” – Who want to be FIT for
the weekend softball tournament, the round of golf with their
buddies, that fun obstacle race, all without having to worry about
tomorrow’s aches and pains.
5. “In the Know” Men and Women – Who know pain-killers are NOT
the best answer and feel let down by the traditional medical
system, which only offered medication, surgery or rest. They also
enjoy eating healthy, exercising to avoid “serious” threats like
arthritis, joint pain and “getting/feeling old”.

4. What happens if I get there and I’m not happy with the care at the end?
Chad: I’d personally refund your payment back onto the card you’ve used
or you can leave without paying – NO questions asked.

5. What if I book today, then before I get to see you, there’s a positive change
in my condition and I don’t need to come and see you anymore?
Chad: Great! Best outcome….just ring up, cancel and we’ll cancel your
name in the book and ask that you keep in touch to let us know how you’re

6. What should I wear for my appointment?
Chad: You’ll never have to remove large chunks of clothing. To make your
chiropractic experience as comfortable as possible, please keep in mind the
location of your injured body part.
For example, if you have a lower back injury, shorts and a loose shirt would
be ideal.

7. What if I don’t want to make another appointment after my first visit, do
you take it personally?
Chad: Not at all. And that’s fine by me. My first priority is to tell you what’s
going wrong and then tell you what you need to do next by creating a plan for you. Once I’ve done that, if you’re happy, then I’m happy and I’ve given
you full value for your money.

8. How likely is it that chiropractic will be able to help me?
Chad: if your problem or concern is one of pain and/or stiffness in the
muscles or joints of the following areas:

Back Neck/Shoulder
Hip Ankle
Knee Foot
Headaches Elbow/Wrist
Then It’s 99% likely that chiropractic will be able to help you out and there
are various ways we might do that.

9. Can I talk to a chiropractor before I book just to confirm it’s right for me?
Chad: Absolutely. Just call us at 717 503 9454 or even email your question
to me at [email protected]

10. Will you do anything at the first session to help my pain?
Chad: Yes. It’s always my intention to start making progress on the pain
and/or stiffness you’ve got, as well as help ease your other psychological
concerns and frustrations.

11. Will I get any exercises or anything like that to take home with me?
Chad: Only if the time is right and I think you doing them is not going to
make your pain worse. I’ll give you as many hints or tips as possible that
you can be using when you go back home that night.

12. What happens if I don’t choose to go and see a chiro?
Chad: Your current predicament will continue and you’ll run the risk of
doing unforeseen and untold damage to the joints if they’re not moved
back into the correct position or muscles made stronger.A failure to adhere to the right recovery program post-injury could increase
the risk of early onset arthritis in joints. 9 days is an important milestone –
if pain and/or stiffness is there at this point, it isn’t going to go away on its

13. How Long will it take for the chiro to get me active and healthy again?
Chad: On average, from the last 5 years we’ve been doing this and for most
problems that involve joints and muscles that we see in our clinic, we’ve
worked out a way to speed up the process and get it down to as little as 2-3
weeks to get a person comfortable and safely active again.

14. This only happened just the other day and I’m in a lot of pain, how long
should I leave it before I come in and see a chiro for help?
Chad: ASAP. There will always be a number of things that we can do.
Sometimes it’s as simple as “Do this, but don’t do that…”.
The first thing will be to tell you what NOT to do. So many people make
misinformed mistakes when it comes to dealing with sudden pain. Every
decision that you get wrong in the first few days will, likely, add to the
length of time it will take to get better.

15. Somebody mentioned a Physical Therapist to me, what’s the difference
between a chiropractor and a physical therapist?
Chad :To be brief, a Chiropractor looks for a cure. Our aim is to help you so
much that you will not need to constantly keep coming back to us. A chiro
will work out a plan for you to stop the injury from happening again.
We do similar techniques to Osteopaths and Physical Therapists, such as
rehab exercises and soft tissue work, but we do added things such as
manipulations (when appropriate) and neurological evaluations and
treatments. We believe that the combination of all of those will first,
reduce your pain fast ,but also help you manage your pain in the coming
years to avoid the need for repetitive visits to see us.

16. I can’t work this thing out. One minute I’m not bothered by it, then the
next it can quite literally take my breath away. Just when I think it’s getting
better, it hits me again!...What if I come in and see you and it doesn’t hurt
at that time, will I be wasting my time?
Chad: No. Pain is not really what we do!...Chiropractic is about finding
whatever it is that is causing the thing to happen in the first place. And if
your injury is now a few weeks old, two things are likely to be happening.
The first is that the joints and muscles are locked stiff or jammed in one
place, so every time you get to a certain point, they don’t want to move
and will give off sharp pain.
Second, it’s likely that you now have inflexible and weak muscles. The
combination of that plus locked joints = long term problems.

17. Is Chiropractic guaranteed to help me like I hope?
Chad: No. And no decent chiro or physical therapist will ever claim such a
thing is possible. It simply isn’t. But that’s why we offer a firm, money back
guarantee, just in case you’re one of the unlucky ones chiropractic can’t
help. If it doesn’t help you like you hope, we always offer you your money
back in full.

18. Does this sort of thing happen to other people like me?
Chad: We see many people with the same sorts of injuries all day long.
Particularly, the age group 30-55 who suffer from aches, pains and

19. What is the longer term benefit of me choosing to go and see a
Chad: You have the freedom in your life to do what you want and when you
want to do it, unrestricted by pain or stiffness.

20. How quickly will I be seen?
Chad: Often within days. If you need an emergency appointment, please let
us know on the phone or in your email and we can arrange it as best we

21. I’m not in any pain per se – I’m just experiencing lots of stiffness and
tightness and worried that something’s about to go “pop” (meaning I will
be in pain after that). Am I right to be considering chiropractic?
Chad: You are PERFECT for chiropractic (and us). Some people think that
chiropractic is about ending pain – that’s only ONE thing we do. But it isn’t
the BEST.
The aim is to stop you from ever getting to the point where you’re in lots of
pain by making you more supple, more flexible and your body stronger and
able to withstand the amount of activity you want to do, no matter what
your age.

22. Be honest Chad – what’s the number 1 reason I should come in and see
you? As in, what’s the best thing about seeing a chiropractor?
Chad: Getting the diagnosis. Finding out what’s wrong. Once you know
that, everything is really easy.

23. What’s the difference between a good chiropractor and a bad one?
Chad: Three things really:
 The amount

of “care” taken (easy to spot)
 The hands-on techniques and skills being used
 Ability to accurately diagnose an injury
24. Can a chiropractor help me if I have arthritis?

Chad: Yes! But please understand it can’t CURE it. But it can very easily help
manage the symptoms it causes. Many people come to chiropractic aged
30-55 and are suffering with some degree of “wear and tear” inside their
shoulders, knees, etc.

25. I have “clicking”, “clunking” and “cracking” noises happening in my joints
for a few years now. And the pain is just starting to get worse with it. I’m 45
years old, is chiropractic right for me?
Chad: Yes. You’re an almost perfect candidate for chiropractic. This is a
typical story. Most joint problems begin with warning signs like the “clicks and cracks” you’ve been hearing. And then a few years later comes the

26. I’m in the early days of joint pain and stiffness. I’ve got to 50 years old
without any problems but I’m now worried I’m next in line for joint troubles
like the rest of my friends of a similar age. I’m really active and love to run,
play golf, walk and play with my kids (or grandkids). Can chiropractic help
someone like me?
Chad: Yes. It’s a simple case of strengthening your body to limit the impact
of arthritis before it’s too late. Chiropractic will give you hope, the
confidence to go places (and do things) and WILL let you get active again

27. I’m a runner and I’m not in any pain with the outside of my knees when I
rest, but it ‘fires up’ whenever I start running. Is that common and can
chiropractic help?
Chad: Yes and yes. Most sports injuries settle down so that you can walk
around and do simple everyday things without pain. But as soon as you
step it up a level or two, if the problem is still there, it lets you know in the
way of tightness, pain or swelling and stiffness.

28. Will chiropractic help me with my flexibility? I’m ‘stiff as a board’ the few
hours after I’ve been out for a run or at the gym and I know this is causing
my achy lower back.
Chad: Yes. We’ll walk you through a simple set of exercises you can do
everyday to help eliminate this. Oh, and we’ll fix your “achy” back too.

29. Is there anyone that chiropractic ISN”T right for?
Chad: Yes. Anyone who is expecting a miracle and hoping to be fixed in one
visit. Rarely possible, particularly for injuries happening to men and women
aged 30+.

30. Is Chiropractic expensive?
Chad: Not in my humble opinion. It comes down to what you value, I guess.
Most people will spend more each month on a fresh cup of coffee than the
“cost” of chiropractic.
And by the way, there is no set “price list”. And that’s because everything
we offer is tailored to suit you, your needs and what you are hoping to
achieve. Thus the “cost” for the visit to a chiropractor at our office is based
upon what you want and hoping to achieve moving forward.

31. What does a chiropractic treatment actually entail?
Chad: Things like massage, stretching, and loosening of joints and muscles,
combined with exercises.

32. Is chiropractic painful?
Chad: In short, no. It’s not meant to be painful and we don’t subscribe to
the idea of “no pain, no gain”. It is true that a chiropractic treatment is a
physical experience and as such, treatments can be uncomfortable at
times. But we will always aim to be as gentle as possible and cause the
minimal discomfort we possible can to get your problem solved as fast as
possible. Before we do any techniques, we will always tell you exactly what is about to happen and whether or not it is likely to hurt and for how long.

33. Will I get some things (tips) that I can be doing at home to help myself get
better quicker?
Chad: Absolutely. The aim is to help you in every which way that we can.
Primarily, we will do everything for you, but of course you’re only with us
for 30-60 minutes so we aim to arm you with tools, hints and tips that you
can use to make a difference that you will feel very quickly on your own.
34. Can I pay on a payment plan for my treatment if I need a few visits?
Chad: Yes. We offer very easy (interest free) payment plans that let you pay
for any care plan over 2 or 3 months.

35. Chad, when they did my family doctor tell me to NOT try chiropractic and
to just rest?
Chad: Often, there are two common reasons for this to happen:
1. Family doctors (general practitioners) just don’t like to refer to
chiropractors that are out of their practice network. Most are unsure of
what chiropractors actually do.
2. Most family doctors are NOT trained to know injuries and symptoms of
physical pains well enough to understand when one can benefit from
chiropractic. Shocking, but VERY true.

36. How long does the session last?
Chad: Depends which option you want to take. We have a 30 minute option
and a very popular 60 minute option. Reality is, it will take as long as you
need to get the help you came looking for.

37. I’ve heard that once I start seeing a chiropractor, I’ll have to go for the rest
of my life. Is that true?
Chad: Nope. Truth is, it’s my goal to get you better as soon as we can and
to make sure the injury doesn’t come back. My goal is for you to not need
me anymore!
Although, some patients really enjoy getting a “tune-up” once in a while
and there’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s always up to the patient.

38. Will I be in any pain after the treatment or the next day?
Chad: More often than not, the pain stops as soon as we do, so you only
have to tell us to stop and we will. Pain is a side effect of chiropractic that is
often unavoidable and most patients eventually concede that the pain is a
nice sort of pain. It’s one that they know is doing them some good and is
often no worse than the pain they are already in.

39. Can I use my insurance?
Chad: We’ll discuss your particular insurance plan when you come in for the
consultation. But I’ll be honest with you, some insurances deem this type of
one-on-one, higher level treatment to be a luxury service because they
don’t tend to take into account what your goals are and how much your specific goals mean to you. However, regardless of what they plan on
covering, my number one priority will be to help you get back to the
activities you love without pain so that you don’t have to deal with this for
any longer.

40. Do I need a referral from my doctor?
Chad: You do not need a referral for chiropractic care. Just give us a call and
book. If you’re willing to invest in your health, you’re very welcome to
come see us.

41. Can I bring a friend or family member into the treatment room with me?
Chad: Yes. No problem. You do not need to inform us of this decision in
advance. If you are accompanied by a friend or family member then we will
often ask if you would like them to join you in the room during treatment.
Alternatively, they can wait in the reception if you’d prefer.

42. When do I pay?
Chad: Only when you are happy and usually at the end of your

43. How often will I need treatment?
Chad: That is always dependent upon the nature of your injury and how
quick you want the improvements.
Our aim is to return you to full fitness as quickly and safely as possible.
Big Tip: Getting in early nearly always means less time to recover and less
chiropractic sessions needed.

44. Is chiropractic just a FAD?
Chad: Absolutely not! It’s been around for years!

45. How long will it take for chiropractic to settle my pain?
Chad: As long as it takes you to call up and book! If you had tooth pain, my
best bet is that you’d call up the very first day you noticed the pain – and
you’d do it because you know that it’s the best possible way to get rid of
that tooth pain, fast.

So to answer the question, it will take as long as it takes you to make an
inquiry and then coming in to see us. Know this; it will happen much
quicker than if you leave it to time or worse yet, chance it by taking pain
killers or going to see the family doctor!

So there you have it: 45 questions answered that take you behind the
scenes of a real life Chiropractic clinic. More, you’ve just read the most
common concerns, questions and myths that surround the chiropractic
industry. I hope the answers have provided you with clarity, debunked any
myths and put to bed any skepticism that may or may not be stopping you
from accessing a very valuable service – one that can quite literally change
how active you are and how healthy you look and feel – in your 30s, 40s,
50s and beyond.
I hope this is the beginning of a great, long-term relationship where we
become the source of leading edge health advice for you and make a real
difference for your life.

You can contact me at: [email protected]
All the best,
Dr. Chad Cohle
Leading Pennsylvania Chiropractor